UPDATE 5/14 3:33pm

The former Heat player who said LeBron James would lead a boycott if L-A Clippers owner Donald Sterling is still in the NBA is backtracking.

NBA Players Association Vice President Roger Mason Jr. now claims LeBron never told him anything about a boycott...even though that's exactly what Mason said on Jim Rome's show.


FAU Director of Sport Management Jim Riordan says the announcement will have a huge impact, since it's coming from the 4-time MVP of the NBA.

"It's important that a face like Lebron say that because he's looked up to, he's respected," adds Riordan, "Not only by his fans but by his colleagues."

Kicking Sterling out as a team owner would require a three-fourths vote of the NBA Board of Governors.


LeBron James is taking a stand against embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Stirling.

NBA Players Association Vice President Roger Mason Jr. tells "Jim Rome on Showtime" #6 is willing to boycott next season.

Mason, who is a former Miami Heat player, says James likely wouldn't be alone.... others would walk off the court too.

Mason went on to say players want to see Stirling's wife, Shelly, to lose her ownership in the team too.

The episode of "Jim Rome on Showtime" debuts Wednesday night. Check out a clip from the episode below.

(Photo: Mike Ehrmann / 2014 Getty Images)