A new study from the National Council on Teacher Equity (NCTE) revealed that, in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the least-experienced teachers end up in the lowest-performing schools.


The council says research showed that students learn less in classrooms with inexperienced educators, so the effect is that the neediest students in the county, at inner-city schools, get the least effective teachers.


Nancy Waymack, with the NCTE, says the study found that 60 percent of first-year teachers are assigned to the districts that cover areas like Liberty City and Miami Gardens, many of which rank low on the state's school grading system.


Schools in those areas largely serve minorities and many students come from low-income families.


The information in the study also showed that teacher retention and absenteeism were highest in those areas of the school system as well.


Waymack says she hopes the information can be used by the school board as well as local and state lawmakers to further work to effect change in these areas.




(Photo: Miami-Dade Public Schools)