The Miami-Dade County School Board approve the 2014-2015 testing calendar Wednesday.


It's a formality required by the state.


But, the move came after extended discussions over the amount of testing required for a variety of different reasons.


The 180-day school calendar provides for 172 days of testing, but the assessment office says that does not apply to all students, and, in fact, presents opportunities for high school students to take college entrance exams repeatedly and for retakes of other assessments required to complete courses.


Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says too much has been made about the number of scheduled test assessments.


"This is a technical document for the approval of the board to satisfy a statutory requirement...People have used a technical document for the approval of the board, much like a procurement item...but, we would never use it to explain to parents," Carvalho said during Wednesday's school board meeting.


Carvalho, though, has proposed a delay to the first year of testing under the new Florida Standards.


Carvalho has said Florida leaders should rethink the scope and purpose of education testing.


The superintendent believes schools, teachers, and students will need more time to prepare for new math and language arts standards before testing should count.


(Photo: Miami-Dade Schools)