Miami-Dade County's latest budget proposal is bucking the trend of cuts and layoffs.

That's because Mayor Carlos Gimenez' newest $6.8 billion plan calls for an expansion in some parks and library services -- and even an extra $1 million for police body cameras.

Miami-Dade Police Union President John Rivera says the mayor's also promising an extra 100 officers -- but.

"We're already short," says Rivera, "and with the retirements, we'll be about 188 [officers] that must leave." Rivera continues, "In addition, we're about 400 short. If he's [Gimenez] going to put 100 additional, that means he has to hire about 600."

The county tax rate, meanwhile, will stay flat. The latest surplus coming because property values jumped more than expected.

The 9% increase leading to an additional $48 million in property tax money to spend in 2016.

The budget has to be approved by the end of September.

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(Photo: Joe Raedle / 2013 Getty Images)