The Miami Dolphins are among the National Football League teams using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices during practice.


Concussions and other injuries have led teams like the Dolphins to embrace sports science as a means of gathering information that can lead to optimal performance.


The tiny monitors are placed on the chest and transmit all kinds of data about a player's performance, including details about acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction.


The data is sent to a satellite and then immediately beamed back to a strength and conditioning coach's computer.


Florida State University's football team reported an 88 percent reduction in soft-tissue injuries related to use of the devices.


Miami Assistant Strength Coach Dave Poluka talked to Fox News about the devices, saying, "If we can manage the stresses that they're under better, then, theoretically, they should stay healthier, then, by staying healthier they can enhance performance, because they're out in the field, and they're in a high-performance state."



(Photo: Miami Dolphins)