Miami Beach residents put in their two cents on a proposed soccer stadium coming from David Beckham.

During a one-hour town hall meeting Wednesday night, residents mostly expressing traffic concerns a 25,000 seat stadium could bring.

According to their estimates, the Macarthur causeway could see the number of vehicles per hour increase from 2,700 to 5,100 on game days.

Max Ramos-Paez with local soccer coalition "Southern Legion" says otherwise.

"The quote-unquote traffic director of Miami Beach said, and I'm quoting here," adds Ramos-Paez, "I did not do an in-depth analysis about the traffic flows that would affected by the stadium."

Beckham supporters say the team would host games mostly on the weekends, and would not schedule the same day as a Heat game.

(Photo: Aaron Davidson / 2014 Getty Images)