UPDATE 5/2 12:45pm

The state Senate has approved changes made by the House to make a strain of low-THC marijuana legal in Florida.

The bill now goes to Governor Scott.

The law allows doctors to prescribe a strain of marijuana known as "Charlotte's Web."

United for Care's Ben Pollara says it's a step in the right direction for November's medical marijuana amendment.

Governor Scott says he will sign the bill, reversing his earlier stance against legalization of medical marijuana.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ A strain of low-THC marijuana would be legal in Florida for medical use under a bill passed by the House.

The House voted 111-7 for the bill. It would allow doctors to prescribe a strain of marijuana known as ``Charlotte's Web'' that contains low amounts of THC, which causes users to feel high.  

The marijuana does contain normal amounts of CBD, which is used to treat seizures. The marijuana would be converted into a liquid form for medical use.  

The Senate passed the bill earlier this week, but the House made changes in an effort to prevent abuse of the law. The Senate now has to approve those changes.

(Photo: David McNew / 2012 Getty Images)