UPDATE 8/6 6:00am

Day Two of testimony in the murder trial of Pedro Bravo is set to continue Wednesday in Gainesville.

The 20-year-old is facing life in prison on charges he killed his friend Christian Aguilar two years ago because of what prosecutors say was a jealous spat over a girl.

Aguilar's girlfriend Erika Friman taking the stand Tuesday, and is expected to continue testifying.

She said her relationship with Aguilar was exciting and she was shocked when she heard Bravo also moved up to Gainesville.

The trial is expected to continue for the next two weeks

Bravo faces up to life in prison.


It going to be a heart-wrenching couple of weeks for a South Florida family who have been waiting two years for justice.

Jury selection is set to begin today in Gainesville ahead of the kidnapping, poisoning and first-degree murder trial of Pedro Bravo.

He's the 20-year-old who's accused of killing his one-time close friend and Doral Academy Preparatory School classmate Christian Aguilar.

Cops believe they got into a fight over a girl.

Surveillance video showed Aguilar and Bravo walking into a Best Buy.

That was the last time the 18-year-old was seen alive.

Aguilar's body was found weeks later half-buried in the woods in Levy County.

Prosecutors say they have convincing evidence against Bravo... Aguilar's backpack in his apartment, receipts showing he bought a shovel and duct tape days before Aguilar's disappearance, and blood in his car.

They won't seek the death penalty.

Bravo will face up to life in prison, if convicted.