If you have a mortgage, you've got flood insurance, but as we get closer to the peak of hurricane season, do you have enough to cover your losses if your home gets flooded?

   Bob Hartwig, President of the Insurance Information Institute says most people don't realize how expensive it can be if even a few inches of water gets into our homes. 

    It will ruin carpets, buckle wood floors, short out electrical wiring and soak  though drywall, causing it to crumble and dangerous mold to grow. 

    If you don't have flood insurance, you should to do it now - it takes 30 days for the policy to take effect.

   Hartwig says we should call our insurance agents and discuss our coverage, and how much deductible we'll have to cover.

    What about our cars in a storm?  If your car is battered by hail, flattened by a tree or floats away in a flood, it's covered by your comprehensive car insurance.

    For more from the Insurance Information institute, including help taking inventory of your belongings, click here.

  Photo: Carlo Allegri / 2005 Getty Images