The investigation into the death of Miami Police officer Carl Patrick continues to focus on his live-in girlfriend Tiniko Thompson.

Investigators with the Broward State Attorneys office issuing subpoenas to Thompson's mother and other relatives, speaking with them for several hours.

Pembroke Pines Police Captain Al Xiques says Thompson hasn't been named a suspect, but nothing is off the table.

Xiques says they want to question Thompson about Carl Patrick's death, but she's been AWOL.

"She has not made herself available to us in order to do so," adds Xiques, "we have reached out on numerous occasions to her attorney and he won't return our phone calls either."

Published reports say Thompson disappeared for 48 hours following the shooting and 911 was not called until she went to her mom's house.

Thompson's attorney, Rod Vaereen, spoke to the media Monday, claiming his client was acting in self-defense.

“At the end of the day, she defended herself. She did not pull the trigger on the firearm. He pulled the trigger himself,” said Vereen.

Vereen also released pictures which show bruises and cuts on several parts of Thompson's body, including her arms, eye, and chin.

(Photo: @JavierOrtizFOP)