Have you done the ALS Ice bucket challenge?

You pour a bucket of ice water over your head on video or make a donation to an ALS charity - or both.

Donations nationwide have now topped 32 million dollars. But, unless you designate your donations to the Florida chapter, the money doesn't stay here.

The Florida chapter sends part of it's donations to the National organization, but the National group sends no money to local chapters.

ALS Florida chapter spokesperson Alissa Guiterrez says the response to the videos has been amazing.  Guiterrez says they've gotten 50 thousand dollars so far because of the challenge, compared to 21 thousand last year.

Funds raised for the Florida chapter support patient care programs, research to speed a cure, and  advocacy and awareness. Donations to the national organization are used for research for a cure.

The disease attacks the nervous system and victims lose the use of their muscles, leaving them paralyzed. They usually die in 2 to 5 years.  There are 15 hundred people suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease in Florida, and about 30 to 35 thousand in the U.S.  They don't know the cause, there's no treatment and no cure.

 Guiterrez says there's been breakthrough research at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville where they've discovered a gene responsible for the disease. She says studies are also underway at the University of Miami.  She says it's not an incurable disease, it's an underfunded one. She predicts a cure will be found.

    To send your Ice Bucket donations to the Florida ALS chapter... HTTP://ALSAFL.org

Photo Credit: Clear Channel