Governor Rick Scott signing the first of what proponents hope will be a two-part win for medical marijuana use.

The governor signs the "Charlotte's Web" bill Monday allowing for low-THC cannabis to be used for treating certain illnesses such as epilepsy in children.

The governor says the law will enable kids with debilitating diseases to get the medication they need to improve the quality of their life.

Palm Beach County senator Jeff Clemens, long a proponent of the law, says its just part one.

"It's a life-saving bill for those kids," says Clemens, "Having said that, there's still a lot of people out there this bill will not help. And that's what amendment 2 is about this fall."

Amendment 2, which would allow use of medical marijuana for everyone, has about 80% support across the state.

(Photo: David McNew / 2012 Getty Images)