Governor Rick Scott was joined today with state and local emergency management officials to mark the beginning of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.

Governor Scott said, “With the 2014 hurricane season underway, I want to encourage every family to get a plan. Preparing for the upcoming hurricane season should be a priority for every Florida family, and we must take action now before it’s too late. Families should include important phone numbers and contact information for members of your family, as well as information on where you will go if there is a need to evacuate so you can meet your family if separated. While it has been ten years since the 2004 Hurricane Season where Florida was hit by four different storms, we know it only takes one to devastate a community.”

The governor also encouraged all Floridians to take advantage of the state's hurricane supplies sales tax holiday, going on through Sunday, June 8th.

For a list of eligible items as well as more information on creating a preparedness plan, click here.





(Photo: Joe Raedle / 2014 Getty Images)