UPDATE 5/14 4:15pm

Local government leaders in Southwest Miami-Dade are crying foul over the Governor's approval of a new FPL plan.

That $24 Billion plan calls for the construction of two nuclear reactors at Turkey Point, as well as miles-upon-miles of new power lines that would run along U.S.1.

Government leaders in South Miami, Coconut Grove, Cutler Bay, and Pinecrest spending their Wednesday morning protesting the plan, saying the deal is bad news for residents, as it's ultimately a job killer.

"Putting transmission lines in an urban corridor with high development potential value takes property value and destroys it," says South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard, "and when you destroy property value, you ultimately destroy jobs."

Stoddard says the reactors won't even be in operation for another 12 years, and says installing solar power is a better alternative.

Stoddard says they're looking to take their case to an appeals court very soon.


Governor Rick Scott is giving the go-ahead on Florida Power and Light's request for new transmission lines running through their city.

The lines will carry electricity through hundred-foot high transmission poles placed along US 1.

Scott and cabinet members met Tuesday to make the final decision on that as well as another by FPL to add two nuclear generators to its Turkey Point facility.

An estimated 750,000 homes would benefit from the proposed plants.

The Department of Environmental Protection has supported FPL’s application.

Opponents say the transmission lines would choke future growth out of their communities by blocking expansion of Dixie highway to accommodate added traffic.

(Photo: Joe Raedle / 2002 Getty Images)