U.S. operations in Iraq are once again being ratcheted, however the future state of the Middle Eastern country remains unknown.

President Obama is promising to send 300 military advisers to assist Iraq in curbing the growing militant insurgency there.

Unfortunately, University of Miami Geography Chairman Ira Sheskin says he's not confident what kind of assistance those advisers can provide.

"We were advising the Iraqi army from about 2003 until not too long ago," adds Sheskin, "And I'm not quite sure why they need more advice now."

President Obama remaining adamant no combat troops will be sent.

Sheskin says he doesn't see a situation where U.S. troops will be needed.

"If we were going to send in troops for Humanitarian purposes, we should've done it in Syria quite a while ago," Sheskin says, "The difference of course between Syria and Iraq...Iraq has a lot of oil; Syria has none."

The President also reiterating it's not the Unites State's place to choose Iraq's leader. Sheskin agrees, saying for future leadership to be successful, Iraqis need to strike a balance. 

"It may very well be that Sunnis and Shi'ites who have been at odds since actually the year 632 are not going to coexist very well," says Sheskin.

Secretary of State John Kerry is prepping for a visit to the Middle East in response to the threat from ISIS.

President Obama says the U.S. has increased its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations in Iraq to better understand the threats to Baghdad.

(Photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / Getty)