School is underway.


And, with that, there are some health concerns at every school when it comes to food allergies.


J.J. Levenstein, pediatrician and president/co-founder of MD Moms says food allergies are becoming more common, but, despite the belief that 25 percent of children have a severe one, it's actually more like 4 percent.


Levenstein says parents of kids with allergies should make sure schools have a plan in place for management and emergencies.


That starts with bringing proof of the allergy to the administration at the school.


And, Levenstein says other parents should not try to sneak in foods that might be life-threatening to another child.


She says there are lots of myths about food allergies, and the biggest one is that peanut allergy is the most common.


Eggs, fish, and milk are actually much more common allergens in children.