UPDATE 5/1 10:30am

Get ready to pay more if you shop on Amazon.com

Starting today, the company is charging Florida sales tax on items purchased in the Sunshine state.

John Fleming of the Florida Retail Federation says it's only fair because brick and mortar retailers are forced to collect sales tax which puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

But that won't stop listeners from shopping elsewhere. Many say they will avoid Amazon and use online retailers that don't charge sales tax.

Sales tax is being charged because two distribution centers are opening later this year in the Sunshine state.


Amazon is gonna cost you a little bit more if you live in Florida.

Starting Thursday, the popular online retailer will charge sales tax on all items.

That's because Amazon recently opened some distribution centers in the state, which will now generate about $75-million a year in revenue for the state.

Researchers out of Ohio State University studied Amazon sales taxes in five other states, and found some very interesting figures.

Itzhak Ben-David says overall sales fell by 10% following a sales tax implementation, and the drop was bigger for big ticket items like flat-screen TVs.

The study shows customers cut spending by 15.5% on purchases larger than $150, and nearly 24% on goods or services that cost $300 or more.

Ben-David says most shoppers who drop Amazon either start shopping with retailers directly or go to the Amazon Marketplace to buy from 3rd-party sellers.

Florida joins California, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in charging sales tax for Amazon purchases.

(Photo: Kevork Djansezian / 2013 Getty Images)