The Florida Sheriff's Association is leading a coalition of opponents to the medical (marijuana amendment on the state ballot in November.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd spoke out Tuesday in Tallahassee, introducing the group that is introducing a campaign called "Don't Let Florida Go To Pot."

Judd says Amendment 2 has nothing to do with medicine.

"Amendment 2 is about legalization of marijuana. This is not about medical use of marijuana...and, this amendment, in fact, is a wolf in sheep's clothing." he said.

Judd argues that, through legal loopholes, marijuana would be easily accessible to minors without parental consent.

Supporters of the amendment say that's not true.

They accuse the sheriffs group of using scare tactics to get people to vote against medical marijuana legalization.

Judd and members of the anti-pot coalition say they're not telling people how to vote because that would violate the rules for non-profits.

Instead, they're calling this an "informational" campaign. 


(Photo: David McNew / 2012 Getty Images)