"It's a good first step."

Those words coming from Florida Senator Bill Nelson on the State Department's decision to revoke the visas of twenty four prominent Venezuelan officials in the wake of a crackdown there on anti-government protestors.

“The administration’s action is a good first step,” said Nelson. “But if the violence continues, we will need to look at even tougher sanctions.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio agreeing with Nelson the sanctions are a welcome first step but more is needed.

“The U.S. government should use every tool at our disposal to hold the Maduro regime accountable for its human rights violations,” said Rubio. “The Obama Administration has taken an important first step by announcing visa bans that would restrict the travel of human rights violators and their families to the U.S. This action should be followed up with asset freezes as well.”

Since protests began in February, at least 43 people have been killed, and many more arrested.