The U.S. has the second highest rate of child poverty among the developed nations.

And Florida is the third worst state in the country for poor children, ahead of Mississippi and the District of Colombia..

Wallethub did a study of the best and worst states when it comes to living and economic conditions for children just in time for International youth day today.

They found some startling numbers.

Florida is the 29th worst state for infant death rate.

The 20th worst in the number of children in Foster care.

36th worst with children in households with income below the poverty line.

We're at 40th in abused children.

We're the 46th worst in child health insurance.

Florida ranked 41st in homeless families. analyst Richie Bernardo said children get only one shot at development, and there will be consequences in the future unless their lives are improved. He says it's important to protect children from poverty, abuse and violence so they can become productive members of society. 

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Photo credit: Joe Raedel Getty Images