More than 114 thousand people will be diagnosed with cancer in Florida this year, and 43 thousand will die.  More than 1 and a half million will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. this year.

The American Cancer Society took at look at how states measure up in the fight against cancer, and they say Florida's falling short.

American Cancer Society spokesperson Heather Youmans says Florida's only doing well in one area. She says Florida's doing the right thing with higher cigarette taxes that help cover health care services.

But, she says Florida falls down by allowing smoking in some bars and by not regulating the use of tanning booths by minors.

Youmans says state lawmakers can do better in the fight against cancer by improving access to cancer care by the working poor, and by boosting funding for breast and cervical cancer early detection programs.

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Photo credit: Spencer Platt / 2009 Getty Images