Now that the first enrollees in Obamacare-compliant insurance programs are in place, there's a push to educate policy holders.

Florida healthcare advocate Leah Barber-Heinz with Florida CHAIN (Community Health Action Information Network) says, for many people, this is the first time they are insured.

But, in addition, there are many changes to typical health plans.

Barber-Heinz says one of the most significant provisions of the Affordable Care is that insurance companies are now required to fully cover any preventive care services.

That means when you go to the doctor for a check-up, mammogram, or other preventive visit, you won't have to pay any co-payments or co-insurance costs.

And, all plans are now required to fully cover preventive care, even if they weren't purchased through the health insurance marketplace.

To see a list of preventive services that must be fully covered, click here.





(Photo: Joe Raedle/2014 Getty Images)