A call to arms coming from many political big names in response to the beheading of South Florida journalist Steven Sotloff.

He's the 2nd American in weeks to be beheaded in online videos by terror group, ISIS.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson is calling for air strikes in Syria in coordination with rebels fighting both the Assad regime and ISIS.

"What we need to do is coordinate airstrikes, both drones and piloted aircraft," adds Nelson, "With them on the ground to start closing the noose around this barbaric group, ISIS."

Sotloff's mother released a video statement last week begging the militants to release her son. 

Nelson, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, says he is filing legislation that will give the president authority to launch air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria. 

"The U.S. is the only one that can put together a coalition to stop this group, that's intent on such barbaric cruelty," he says.

Sotloff had been kidnapped over a year ago while covering the Syrian conflict. 

(Photo: ZEIN AL-RIFAI / Getty)