Heads up parents, the first batch of FCAT scores are being released today.

The Florida Department of Education is releasing third-grade reading and math scores as well as scores from the FCAT writing exams, taken by students in grades 4, 8 and 10.

This will be the first rollout of scores from the 2014 administration of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, a series of standardized exams in math, reading, science and writing. 

Scores for the third-grade reading exam help determine if students advance to fourth grade or stay back in third.

Third graders who failed the reading exam by scoring a 1 will be offered a chance to attend summer school and then take another reading exam to see if they can advance to fourth grade.

Some will be promoted based on classwork that demonstrates they are solid readers (despite the low FCAT score), and some will meet the retention law's exemptions.

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