UPDATE 5/13 4:05pm

The FBI says they have their man.

A 56-year-old named Louis Spina is being taken into custody Tuesday after cops say he robbed two different banks in Coral Gables over a four day-span.

He walked up to tellers demanding cash, telling them he had a dangerous device.

He's set to make his first court appearance Wednesday.


Two bank robberies in four days in Coral Gables -- and the FBI believes it's the same guy.

A man walked into a Wells Fargo branch this morning and claimed he had a dangerous device, demanding cash from the teller.

It was Friday when just a few blocks away when another bank robbery occurred at the Chase branch.

Customers were inside the bank during the robbery, but no one was hurt.

Check out images captured from surveillance cameras in each incident below.

Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI office in Miami at 305-944-9101.