A Weston mother whose Marine son is jailed in Mexico staged a demonstration outside Miami's Mexican consulate Monday.

Jill Tahmooressi says she's calling it a "unity rally" in the spirit of today's Cinco de Mayo holiday, which celebrates the concept of freedom in Mexico.

Jill's son, a decorated Marine sergeant, Andrew Tahmooressi, has been sitting in a Mexican jail since April 1st when he accidentally crossed the Mexican border with three guns that are illegal in that country.

The combat veteran was heading to California for treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when he made the wrong turn.

Jill says she is hoping officials who may not have heard about her son's case will take action because of her demonstration.

Jail officials say he tried to escape and was subsequently put into solitary confinement where he reportedly stabbed himself in the neck with a bottle.

The United States Department of State is reportedly working with Mexican officials to secure the man's release.

Several members of Congress have also become involved in communication with Mexican authorities on the case.




(Photo: Jill Tahmooressi)