The clock is ticking for some 240,000 people who are trying to qualify for health coverage under Obamacare.

Friday is the deadline to verify their immigration or citizenship status or face losing their benefits.

Jorge Lima with the Libre Initiative says similar problems with the website and messaging are to blame.

"We're gonna keep hearing stories about difficulties and website malfunctions again, because the government is just not ready to begin the enrollment process again in November," adds Lima.

He also believes website glitches as well as misinformation about the Affordable Care Act to customers for the high number of unverified customers.

"It is concerning when a government program is put in to place that requires individuals to purchase insurance, but at the same doesn't have the capacity to keep them insured," says Lima.

Florida has one of the biggest numbers of unverified customers at nearly 100,000.

About half of the people who are facing losing their coverage are coming from both Florida and Texas.

(Photo: Joe Raedle / 2011 Getty Images)