UPDATE 8/19 11:15am

Weapons and armored vehicles are being given to local law enforcement agencies through a Department of Defense program.

And with some of them being used in Ferguson, Missouri, many are calling for agencies to demilitarize.

Secretary of Defense office spokesman Mark Wright says 95-percent of the equipment isn't weapons. That equipment includes tents, vehicles, first aid kits and boats.

Miami-Dade schools police chief Ian Moffett tells the Rick Sanchez Show that in some cases, like an active shooter, the equipment is necessary.

Moffett says the key is to make sure officers are trained and the equipment, which sometimes includes weapons, is used properly.


Many are calling for police departments across the country to become demilitarized in the wake of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri.

The New York Times reports that departments across the country have been given surplus military gear in the name of fighting terrorism by the Department of Defense.

Miami-Dade is one of the counties that has received military gear including 242 assault rifles, 5 grenade launchers and 4 mine-resistant vehicles.

Check out the full map below.


 (Photo: Scott Olson / 2014 Getty Images)