The Broward School District in the middle of a religious controversy after a 5th grader is told he's not allowed to read his bible.

The incident happening about a month ago at Park Lakes Elementary.

Parents say they got a voicemail from a teacher saying she removed the bible from him while he was reading it during "free reading" time.

Hiram Sasser with the Liberty Institute says it's shocking to say the least.

“Banning religious books like the Bible violates Giovanni’s civil rights to religious free speech and free exercise,” said Sasser. “The school’s actions exemplify the hostility to religion that the US Supreme Court has condemned.”

The school district has responded to the incident. It reads:

"Broward County Public Schools respects and upholds the rights of students to bring personal religious materials to school, including the Bible, and to read these items before school, after school or during any “free reading” time during the school day. This information has been communicated to the parents of the student involved in this situation."

No word if the teacher will be disciplined.

To listen to the full voicemail from the teacher, click here.

(Photo: Matthew Lloyd / 2011 Getty Images)