Amid the DUI arrests of three judges, Broward County's chief judge trys to restore faith.

Judge Peter Weinstein releases a statement to reassure the public following the May 27th DUI arrest of circuit judge Lynn Rosenthal.

"I want to assure the people of Broward County that the judges serving you are hardworking, conscientious, and do not condone in any fashion any sort of impairment or substance abuse the would prevent their handling of each case that comes before them with upmost care, consideration, and attention that every case deserves," said Weinstein.

Judge Gisele Pollack was already charged for DUI earlier in May and circuit judge Cynthia Imperato was arrested for driving drunk in Boca in November.

Weinstein says that Broward judges responsibly handle their jobs. 

"We recognize that judges make serious decisions affecting people's lives each day they are in court and that with that weighty responsibility comes a duty to be fully accountable," said Weinstein.

Pollack was previously on leave from the bench and the other two judges have already been reassigned off of criminal cases.