FXX is opening "SimpsonsWorld" to online fans in October.  



A new website dedicated to all things Simpsons will allow users to access every episode of the longrunning animated series and create playlists and share clips with other users.  Described as the "ultimate Simpsons digital experience," "Variety" says "SimpsonsWorld" will also be available through FXNow apps on iOS, Xbox and Android devices as well as Smart TVs.  Leading up to the launch of the site, FXX is planning to air all 552 "Simpsons" episodes for 12 days straight.  The marathon will begin August 21st and run through Labor Day.  

 The 26th season of the "The Simpsons" will begin on September 28th on Fox with promises of a major shakeup in the Simpsons' hometown of Springfield.  Producer Al Jean revealed earlier that a character would die in the season premiere.  Speculation has turned to Krusty the Clown as the "nearly" departed with the revelation of the title of the episode: "A Clown in the Dumps."