Florida - the "we cant expand casinos because we aren't a gambling state" - decides to join the Mega Millions Lottery..... Click here

Betting on new Pope could become a record for a "non-sporting" event, eventually reaching into the millions  Click here
Florida State Rep files bill to expand "Stand Your Ground" to include "firing warning shots" and "pulling a weapon" to scare off attackers   Click here
Yahoo CEO's "no more working from home" edict drawing strong criticism & support   Click here
Effort to actually avoid sequester from taking effect fail in Senate.  You may be asking if there was any progress made in the House?  No.....they've already adjourned for another long weekend.   Click here

When does sequester actually begin?  There may be a (gasp) "shocking" lack of communication in our government   Click here   Good news regarding sequester?  In an effort to avoid delays, the IRS says it will NOT begin furloughs until AFTER tax season  Click here
Relationship between White House and Press Corps continues deteriorating as Carney mocks Ed Henry   Click here
This isn't Uncle Walter's News anymore.....Rasmussen finds only 56% of Americans believe media is "somewhat trustworthy".....Only 6% rate media as "very trustworthy"   Click here
Miami-Dade Mayor "optimistic" about County's future   Click here
Seattle's efforts to be green by banning plastic bags go awry for business owners.  Grocery stories reportedly see surge in shoplifting now that shoppers are encouraged to bring their own re-usable bags   Click here