Report claims the US is on the verge of removing Cuba from List of Supporters of Terrorism   Click here
Convicted Drug Trafficker, unemployed for a decade, cashes $12 Million in tax refund checks in 5-months   Click here
Update: TSA apologizes to Missouri family for treatment of their 3-year old wheelchair-bound daughter  Click here
Obama begins reaching out to GOP over sequester   Click here
Think tank:  President's claim about "crumbling roads" overblown   Click here
Florida State Senator asks Attorney General to investigate the NCAA over UM case   Click here
Harvard is the home of future Billionaires, with nearly twice as many ultra-wealthy graduates as #2 Penn.   Click here
Obama, Gorilla and Monkey masks worn by fans at Indiana Middle School Basketball game causes uproar  Click here  AND, in another story; some residents in one New York neighborhood were outraged after a Whole Foods store used a caricature of President Obama to promote a sale on chicken   Click here
New bill in WV would require teens to pass three drug-tests before obtaining their driver's license   Click here
Homeless man sues parents for "not loving him enough".....wants $200,000 for two Domino's Pizza franchises  Click here
In what may be the funniest accidental shooting story in a while, a woman is recovering after deciding to have a snack and being hit with shrapnel after her roommate leaves a loaded magazine in the oven.  Of course, it happened in......FLORIDA   Click here