1926 WIOD First Launches.
1926 Miami Hurricane on News and Events From September 20th (or Great Miami Hurricane or the Big Blow) was an intense hurricane that devastated Miami, Florida in 1926.
Population: US 115 million, Britain 45 million
U.S. Route 66 is created running from Chicago to Los Angeles
Calvin Coolidge is The President Of The United States
Radio network National Broadcasting Co ( NBC ) is launched
Pontiac Cars are made
World Series: St Louis Cardinals vs New York Yankees - Cardinals Win
Kelly Blue Book First Published
Bing Crosby records first record
Most Popular Baby Names: Mary and Robert
Henry Ford announces the 40-hour week
Winnie-the-Pooh is published by Author A. A. Milne
Most popular Song: Bye Bye Blackbird - Mort Dixon
Liquid Fuel Rocket USA by Robert Goddard
Gertrude "Trudy" Ederle became the first woman to swim the English Channel
5,000,000 Unemployed in Europe with 2 million in Germany and 1 million in England
John Logie Baird, first public demonstration of a television
Mussolini takes control in Italy
Silent film heart throb Rudolph Valentino died causing a worldwide frenzy among his fans
27 Tornadoes strike southern US states including including an F4 that struck the town of Heber Springs, Arkansas on Thanksgiving weekend killing 76.
The continuing Turf wars between the gangsters escalates as Twelve cars full of gangsters open fire at the Hawthorne Inn, headquarters of Al Capone in Chicago.