Oprah's still got it.  On Wednesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," she picked a random audience member to come on stage and presented her with the gift of a lifetime!

Before calling the lucky young woman on stage, Oprah showed off some of her acting chops.  She interrupted Jimmy's interview and started fanning herself saying that she was getting "that feeling again" and just couldn't help herself.  Confetti fell onto the stage as Oprah handed over the keys, and they watched as the audience member was led out back to the sleek black sedan waiting for her.  When the crowd calmed down, Jimmy asked her how often she gets overcome with the desire to give away cars.  She said it happens "every once and a while" and "especially if [she] skips lunch."  She added that she's "trying to get this under control."  

Watch the video:

The media mogul is making her film comeback in this weekend's Lee Daniels: The Butler, which is the story of a White House butler, played by Forest Whitaker, who served eight Presidents.  

Photo: YouTube